Access Control & Telephone Entry Systems

Surfliner Gate Systems, Serving San Luis Obispo County and Surrounding Areas

When people come to visit, having control of your gate ensures easy access for your friends, family and other guests while keeping out those unwanted visitors. At Surfliner Gate Systems, serving all of San Luis Obispo County, we’re here to help out. Our professionals can install access controls and telephone entry systems to an existing or new entry gate setup. In fact, it’s typically a quick and easy process.

So, whether you want a keypad that grants access using a code or would rather have visitors contact you using a dedicated gate telephone, Surfliner Gate will walk you through all available options. Then, based on the specific needs of your family or business, we will customize a system that’s the perfect fit for you.

To learn more about access control and telephone entry systems, you’re welcome to get in touch with the team at Surfliner Gate Systems. We can take a look at your current setup or proposed gate location, then provide you with recommendations and an accurate estimate for the project.

The Benefits of Access Control & Phone Entry

Increased Home Safety

While standard fences and gates deter unwanted visitors and possible criminals, access control creates an added layer of defense for your home, business, residential community or multi-family property.

Control & Convenience

Keys and remotes can get lost or be duplicated while control codes can be updated if needed. And for greater system command, a phone entry system enables you to provide access on an individual basis.

Greater Resale Value

Creating a complete fence and gate system with the added security of access control shows that you’re serious about protecting your home and offers an additional incentive for homebuyers if you ever sell.