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Why Hire a Custom Gate Builder for Your New Property?


The average homeowner spends about $60,000 a year on renovations. Choosing the right additions for your home can be a difficult task. Before you decide on how you want to enhance your property, you will need to do a bit of research.

Are you trying to make your home more appealing or are you more interested in better security? One of the best ways to make your home both more appealing and safe is by having a new gate or fence installed. While a new gate may be an added expense, it is definitely worth the investment.

The best way to avoid mistakes during this installation process is by hiring a reputable custom gate builder. Before hiring a company for this job, get an idea of how long they have been in business. Look at photos of projects they’ve completed and read through reviews they’ve received.

The following are some of the reasons why hiring a custom gate builder is a good idea.

A Custom Gate Builder Will Help You Plan

While most homeowners want a fence, they typically don’t know where to start. Instead of having a half-baked plan of how to approach this project, you will need to seek out a bit of professional guidance.

Calling in a few gate builders to provide on-site estimates is a great idea. During these consultations, they can provide you with information about how they would approach the project. Deciding where the doors to your gate will be and how much ground it needs to cover is important.

Once a gate builder has figured all of this out, they can provide you with an itemized estimate. With the information from these estimates, you can easily hire the best company for the job.

Prepping Your Property for a New Fence

Did you realize that installing a fence around a home takes a lot of preparation?

Rushing through the prep process or trying to handle this difficult work alone can lead to a number of mistakes. If the fence posts are not buried at the right height or are not properly secured, it can cause the fence to fall over prematurely.

Instead of trying to handle the prep work alone, you need to let a custom gate builder help you out. They will have the tools, experience and team needed to get all of the posts installed and ready in no time at all.

The last thing you want is for your fence to be crooked or collapse due to DIY prep work. This is why paying professionals to handle this process is essential.

An Innovative Approach to Gate Building

If you are like most homeowners, you have your own unique tastes. Letting your own style shine through is easy when working with a gate builder who has ample experience turning client visions into a reality.

These fence and gate professionals will listen to the design elements you wish to implement and help you figure out the right gate design. Whether you prefer modern with clean lines or a more Victorian look straight out of New Orleans, they should be happy to accommodate.

Adding decorative elements to a metal or wooden fence is a fantastic idea. Before hiring a particular fencing company, be sure to take a look at their portfolio of previous work. These pictures will give you an idea of how creative a fence company is and the caliber of work they have done for others.

If a fence company does not have a portfolio or acts hesitant to show you their previous work, you probably need to avoid hiring them. The best gate builders will be proud to show you want they are capable of and even provide references.

A Quick and Painless Gate Installation Process

One of the biggest concerns you might have when adding a new fence to your home is the time it will take. When homeowners try to handle this work on their own, the job usually drags on for far longer than it should.

Instead of having the exterior of your home in a state of disarray for months on end, it’s always best to work with seasoned professionals.

A professional fence and gate installation company will have a large crew of workers to use on jobs like this. With this amount of manpower, the professionals should have no problem providing you with a quick and painless installation.

When meeting with various fence installers or custom gate builders, get information about how long they think the job will take. Be sure to hold a company to the deadline they have set to ensure you get what you were promised in the original estimate.

You should also inquire about whether your custom gate builder will subcontract out the work or if they will do it on their own.

Integrating Technology Into Your New Gate

Once your new gate has been installed, you need to think about how to make it more functional. One of the best ways to make a gate easier to use is by adding an access control system to it.

These systems use either a keypad or cards to open the gate. With this technology, home and business owners are able to control who has access to their property.

Finding a gate installation company that can install these systems is a good idea. Often times, companies that install these systems can provide you with a package deal.

Instead of settling for the gate company you come across, be sure to take your time and weigh all of your options before making this important decision.

A Professionally Installed Gate Will Last for a Long Time

Keeping burglars at bay and increasing the appeal your home has can be accomplished with the addition of a new gate. A custom gate builder can provide you with a finished product that is durable and functional.

Are you looking for a new fence for your property? If so, you can contact us now to find out how we can assist you. The Surfliner Gate Systems team is here to help.

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