Automated driveway access gates

Common signs that your gate needs to be repaired or replaced before winter


During winter, automatic gate systems that aren’t running optimally can break down entirely as a result of exposure to cold temperatures and the elements. If your automatic gate has any of the following problems, it’s time for a preseason inspection:

  • The gate drags the ground or moves slowly. These problems commonly occur with gate weight imbalance from bad installation, children or adults misusing it, damaged hinges or welds, or support column instability. An electrical failure is another possibility.
  • The gate makes strange noises. If you hear rattling, there might be loose parts or other structural problems. Buzzing and snapping can indicate an electrical issue. Squeaks and hisses can be either mechanical or electrical.
  • The gate has rust or other corrosion on it. Even in small amounts, any deterioration on one or more surface spots can potentially indicate that the metal is no longer strong enough.

At Surfliner Gate Systems, our team of experienced technicians evaluates these and other common signs that a gate requires repair or replacement. For more information or to schedule an inspection, contact us today.

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